ABC DIY Cutouts

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ABC DIY Cutouts
One 15 count sheet of ABC DIY Cutouts. These decorations were designed by Moxzie Inc. and are printed on high quality, satin sheen paper. Sheet contains the following designs:

  • Six 7.75 x 2.5 inch train cutouts
  • Nine 2 inch shape cutouts

Let your imagination run wild with our ABC DIY Cutouts. Kids will enjoy cutting out these colorful designs and attaching them to all sorts of things. For younger guests, cut out the decorations before the party and set them on an activity table with glue and tape.

Awesome ways to use your cutouts:

  • Tape them to walls, tissue fans, and party signs
  • Scatter them along tables like confetti
  • Attach them to straws, favor bags, and cutlery
  • Add them to scrapbook pages and invitations
  • Tape them along a length of ribbon to make a garland
  • Hang them from the ceiling using clear wire
  • Decorate party rooms, classrooms, bulletin boards, and more!